Sharing is Caring

I recently stumbled upon this article by Dkerr for connected principals. It highlights the importance of us, as educators sharing our experiences, successes, failures and everything in between.

Historically teachers have been left alone in isolation to run their classrooms using their own experience, knowledge and judgement to make an impact to the kids in the class. Surely in 2016 we have an obligation to share the professional knowledge that lives inside the walls of our own classroom and give it to colleagues not just across the corridor from us but also across the world from us. If we truly believe in the ability of the students in our direct care then surely we must also care about students everywhere! We  should make time to explore and connect with what’s out there through blogs, tweets, videos, and anything else we can get our hands on.  We can learn from each other and if we can contribute our own little bit then we can truly become a cog in a very exciting moment in the life of the teaching profession.

Do yourself a favour, read the article, start a blog (I need to get better at this one!), tweet something worth sharing and keep on learning!




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