Collaborative Leadership @ BSPS

We have a great model of what we have always called ‘distributed leadership’ at BSPS. Our school recognises, celebrates and encourages people to play an active role in the leading of our school.

I saw this poster on a interesting post by Stephanie McConnell at Principal Principles. I believe the beliefs underpinning this sort of leadership approach truly have the ability to make a difference in schools.

Collaborative leadership gives everyone a voice and leads to greater sense of ownership in schools. This allows staff and students to co-create a vision for the school and once this vision becomes explicit for all because everyone contributed to it, it allows everyone to move in the same direction with purpose and a deep belief in what we are doing.

In Michael Fullan’s book ‘Coherence’ he discusses a school that had three distinct teams of which anyone could voluntarily involve themselves in. The teams had different responsibilities: 1. Data 2. Management issues and 3. Curriculum and Instruction. These teams sound to me like they have to very strongly linked and held together by a strong vision and principles but it allowed the school to develop a collaborative culture and steadily interest in involvement groups grew until the school experienced unprecedented buy-in and allowed to experience some fantastic results.

I would like to hear from more schools who are truly exploring different ways to become more involve students and staff in school leadership.

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