Reshaping a classroom for Junior School

I am very excited about my upcoming transition into junior school. After five years of teaching year 5’s I will be moving done (or should I say up?) to year ones. I know that there will be a big difference in the students and therefore a steep learning curve awaits me and it is one that I am very excited about.

One part of the transition also involves moving classrooms after three years of being comfortable in the same space I am moving from the newest area of the school to one of the older buildings. Setting up my classroom for year ones and the developmental play aspect of teaching in Junior school is also something new to me. Taking advice from collegues and using some of Kathy Walker’s ideas I have tried to setup up particular areas in and around my classroom to engage and allow the students to explore whatever their hearts desire.

Is till have a long way to go but here are my attempts so far…


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