Reading, Note taking and referencing

After reading about reading I reflected that if I have been asked to read something I generally do the skim and scan technique and highlight important parts but if it something I have chosen I guess I have usually already assessed it as worthy to read so I generally read from start to finish.

I tried some of the techniques that were recommended and I think the are useful. Scheduling time is important. I also think that reading is like lots of things in life, the more you practice the better you will get. So I guess I will just make sure I am practicing reading and will work out what works best for me.

In terms of note taking I have never been a huge note taker which is something that I will have to get better at. I guess with increased amounts of reading, good quality notes may become more important as my ability to recall information and remember where it came from will be tested. I use Evernote quite a bit in my work and think that it could also come in handy when keeping notes on this course.

In terms of referencing I have always though of as a tedious task despite being fully aware of the necessity of it. End Note is on my to-do list as it seems as if it would make  the process of referencing easier.

In terms of whether or not people should cite Wikipedia as a reference I think it most cases it should be avoided as scholarly texts and articles should really be where ideas are generated for assignment work.  Karissa suggested that one of the only times you may use it is if you were writing about the reliability of online sources. I tend to agree with her. What about a blog post? Can you reference that? What about a text message? Can you reference what your butcher said to you last week? Or is that just bordering on ridiculous?

Thanks very much for reading. You have been very kind.

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