Out of the way…but close enough..

Picture of lions

The above picture I found on National Geographic’s website and it immediately resonated with me. As a teacher I think it is important that we allow kids to explore their world and learn by trying new things, exploring their own interests and passions, being creative and taking risks. As teachers we need to let them explore their own worlds and give them every opportunity to find their passion. Of course we need to guide them and share our own experiences in that will give them the best opportunity for them to be at their best.

This picture shows a lion cub venturing out into the water, with the parent and siblings (or peers) right behind. Despite the potential dangers the adult lion is giving the cub space to explore and learn on its own. I think this picture embodies some of my thoughts about teaching. At times we will be side by side with our students as we both learn and explore and at other times we must let students find and develop skills that align closely with their own interests.



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