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This post includes my reflections an article on reflective journal writing and the benefits that this writing can bring to learning. You can access the article here: Hume


Reflecting on Reflecting:
I thought of a couple of different things whilst reading this article. Firstly that it linked with other things I have read about good teaching and learning and namely that is that the best teachers often think about the impact that they are having on their students. This can only happen upon careful purposeful reflection.  I also am starting to see that the ability to be able to carefully and effectively reflect on my own practice is something that is going to form a big part of this module, subject and indeed course.
I appreciated the Shulman diagram as this might give me more purposeful, directed reflection in the future.  I believe I am probably going to have be a little more disciplined when it comes my reflections. I think that the majority of the reflection I do currently happens in my head and is not necessarily written down. Recording it probably gives me a chance to get a little more purpose to it and directs my practice in the future.
I will have to disciplined and allocate time to record my reflections, I think 10 minutes a day is doable. I guess as Hume suggests though quality reflection is important and more important than quantity. As they became more competent with reflective writing they started to be less frequent but more in depth, quality reflections. Hopefully I can develop my own ability to effectively reflect and start to pump out some quality work.

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