Loughan Article: My Reflections

This is my response to an article written by John Loughlan . You can access the article here: Loughlan

I think a lot of what was written in the article made sense to me. I think that effective reflective practice is an essential part of learning as much as I can from my own practice.

It is true that we need to be aware of and question our own underlying assumptions or the assumptions of our students that may be in play in the teaching and learning environment. As I was reading the aritcle the article it made me think of a quote “we dont see the world as it really is, we see it as we are. At times we need see ourselves, our classrooms and our practice through another lens (frrame and reframe) and anaylse and adapt our practice accordingly to new light that these alternative lens shine on a situation. Wow I feel like that is a bit wordy, but it makes sense to me.


Reading this aritcle also made me think of the power of reflection to the actual learners themselves, not student teachers but the students I teach. While we consistently engage in ‘reflection’ activities with students, perhaps the power and effectiveness of this may have gone understated in the past.

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