Using Twitter for communication

Hello there readers (because I know there are a lot of you!)


I am trying again to get this blog up and running. I thought I would post something so here it is. Recently we set up a twitter account for our Primary School. So far we have found it a very useful tool for keeping parents and our wider school community informed of important announcements, events and just general news. In our area while the overwhelming majority of our parents carry around smartphones most of them have not been introduced to the twitterverse, we only have around 40 followers in a school of close to 600 students.

Despite this we think it has been very useful we setup a widet on our schools website so that all our tweets are sent straight to the homepage which is averaging about 150 unique views per week. So going by this we think that our tweets are getting read and appreciated.  Using twitter in this way also makes updating our website a slightly less daunting prospect. Our twitter ID is @bourchierps please feel free to follow if you would like to know what our school has been up to.

Do you use Twitter in your school?

If so, do you have any advice in successful implementation?



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