Some thoughts on the Ultranet

I am in the middle of completing a glog about different ways that technology can help bring schools and homes closer together.  In this post I will comment briefly on the Ultranet. The Ultranet is a Department of Education initiative that is designed to be a complete secure learning management system for victorian schools and homes. Each teacher, student and parent is provided with a unique username and password and can login to the ultranet to find information about learning tasks, assignments, and activities related to the topics covered in class.

I really enjoy the collaborative nature of the Ultranet. Teachers can share activities, lessons and ideas with each other even if the two teachers have never met and are teaching somewhere completely different.  The department website has some useful information on the Ultranet

I would love to hear your thoughts about the Ultranet and it’s future in Education in Victoria.

2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on the Ultranet

  1. Hi Heather
    The ultranet is getting better and easier to use all the time. I also like the sharing nature, but as I already used so many online tools that were free before its advent I find that these tools are quicker to use and often more user friendly. For those, who have not used web2.0 tools, the ultranet is a great way to start becoming familiar with the power of technology.
    It has a place in my classroom, when the nature of the lessons is more private to my class and when I wish to collaborate or connect with Victorian classrooms.
    On a professional level, the people involved as web conference coaches contribute to a collaborative blog, sharing resources and interactive discussions.
    Some of the collaborative spaces are fabulous eg the literacy, numeracy and I really enjoyed using the Melbourne Cup Day space.
    I just wish it was easier getting all students on board – passwords, usernames, forgetfulness have all been challenges.

  2. Hi Heather ans Anne,
    Like both of you I had used a wide variety of web 2.0 tools prior to Ultranet and at times Ultranet can appear difficult in comparison. However the Ultranet covers the functionality of several different types of tools all joined together. I believe the ubiquitousness is where its true value lies (will lie). To have all student assessment and reporting information, student work and reflections all portable and move from school to school with the student will be a great benefit. I have already found that the ability to share has helped open teachers eyes to others practice and made it easy to build on others work.
    I will continue to use a raft of other web 2.0 tools – as I’m sure the Ultranet designers always expected us to do – but having a “binder’ that can keep some bits private, others for my class community and let me embed things for a wider audience , all in one central space is really useful.
    Like Anne I too am more than a little frustrated with the “Identity Management” system – I am currently resetting passwords for 1150 students as almost none of them can remember their PIN which allows them to do self service password re-set and many have had to register from scratch again despite having been using the Ultranet last year. The flow of information from Cases21 to Ultranet has also been a problem at times.
    I remain hopeful that these issues will disappear as we use it more and more,

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