Class Webpages using Sharepoint.

Our School uses Microsoft Sharepoint to build it’s public website. Sharepoint also is used for our internal intranet and our class webpages. The advantage of Sharepoint is supposedly the ease of sharing documents. The ability to store large amounts of information on Sharepoint is primarily why we use it.

Once you get to use to the navigation and manipulation of it it can be easy to use. At the moment our class websites are setup so that they require student login and there is no option for parents to have their own log in.

Despite its limitations I believe that Sharepoint can be good way to communicate with parents and students, it is a matter of having content on the site to encourage students to log in and add value to the learning experience they have at school.  Sharepoint also has its own blogging function so it is perfect for practising blogging with students.

Does your school use Sharepoint, any thoughts?

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